Inside The Orange Box: Common Design Mistakes, Part Two


This week’s Inside The Orange Box is a continuation of our common design mistakes post from a couple of weeks ago! These design mistakes are easy to make if a professional designer is not involved in your design! See what our designers have to say…

Designer Todd Prince says one of the biggest mistakes he sees is when people float sofas in the middle of a room and the sofa is too tall. “A taller back sofa needs to be anchored against a wall. If you’re going to float a sofa in a room, it needs to have a shorter back so it doesn’t impact the overall view of the room. You do NOT want a sofa that’s too tall floating in the middle of a room!”

Design Advice from SummerHouse Interior Designers //

Designer Jacque Moor says…
“The biggest mistake people make when not hiring a designer is thinking they have the ability to envision an overall design, when really, that’s something that very few people can do properly. People without a trained eye will look at many different room images they like and pick little things from each and try to mimic them in a space. The result of that can be an unorganized room without a put together, designed look.”

Mary Courtney Johns says, “A common mistake, or rather injustice, to a room would be letting sentimentalism get in the way of the desired look and feel that you are
trying to achieve for your space. Your grandmother’s antique china cabinet
or that pair of end tables you bought as a newlywed in the 80s will not
blend well with your new sleek-lined sofa. Emotional attachments can sometimes hinder a design’s direction. When a piece of furniture is becoming more of a nuisance than a lovely walk down memory lane, it’s time to pass it off for someone else to enjoy.”

Design Advice from SummerHouse Interior Designers //

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Keen on Green


Since today is all about the color green, we thought that was as good an excuse as any to share with you some of our favorite web store items in nature’s favorite hue! Plus– we have some gorgeous projects centered around the color that deserve to be celebrated. Especially today!

Here’s what we’ve had our web-browsing eyes on lately…

The Green Scene //

Shop these items from the top left, clockwise!
“Oak” by Lauren Barksdale // $3100
Pearl Chair // $1626
Style by Kate Spade book // $20
Office (Rosemary and Eucalyptus) Candle // $59
Fittleworth Table Lamp // $590
Hedges Candle // $65

And here are some lovely interiors to inspire you today…

The Green Scene // Interiors that feature nature's favorite hue by SummerHouse designers //

The Green Scene // Interiors that feature nature's favorite hue by SummerHouse designers //

The Green Scene // Interiors that feature nature's favorite hue by SummerHouse designers //

The Green Scene // Interiors that feature nature's favorite hue by SummerHouse designers //

Have a happy St. Paddy’s Day! Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to wear your green!

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Meet Danielle!

We have a new face for y’all to get familiar with around here! (And we have several position changes to tell you about, too!)

Danielle Rooney // SummerHouseDanielle Rooney // SummerHouseFirst, the new face. Meet Danielle Rooney, our new receptionist! Danielle is absolutely precious, and the most perfect addition to our fun-loving team up here at SH! Jen, our former receptionist, will now be our web store manager! She’s got a major in photography and is just really good with computers in general, so it was a natural fit. Patty, our former web store manager, is now going to be Lisa’s assistant! Having worked as a design assistant before, and because she and Lisa just gel so well, this too was a natural fit! That means Mary Courtney, Lisa’s former assistant, is now a designer! Yay for Mary Court! We know she’s going to do a killer job and we can’t wait to see all of the gorgeous projects she’ll get to work on with you guys!

Now it’s time for our traditional Q&A with the newbie!

Tell us about yourself!

I am from Madison! I split my time pretty evenly between Ole Miss and Southern. I am finishing up my degree in Public Relations at Southern, and I will be graduating in May. My dad is from Ireland, but he is currently living in Brussels, Belgium! He works for International Paper. My older brother also works for International Paper and is living in Memphis. My mom lives here in Madison, and she works for Lee Hawkins Realty. My step dad, Toby, is my world! He lives in Madison too and he works for Hemphill. He’s wonderful! He’s always treated me like his own daughter. I have an Australian Shepherd named Meeko, and I’m obsessed with her. She’s such a diva!

From where do you think your interest in interior design stems?

I realized that my interest started when I was traveling. I started re-telling my traveling stories by using details of what the place looked like, using very small details. The look and feel of whatever place I was in created the mood and memories for me. I realized that I wanted to be a part of that and help others to have memories of their own. I could learn about different people and their lifestyles. I could create an atmosphere that helps people feel happy and proud of their own space. I just really wanted to be part of that!

What’s your favorite design publication and why?

I would have to say I really love Southern Living. I really love the country/farmhouse/cottage look. It tends to show very light and airy houses with hues of light greens and blues. I love that! My dream house would be a little beach cottage on the South Carolina shore.

Where would your dream vacation be?

Hmm. I have never been to Hawaii, and I have always wanted to. I would also love to go to Greece! I think that is my next stop on my European check list.

What’s your favorite local place to eat in the metro Jackson area and why?

Definitely Babalu! Their guacamole, sangria, and tuna tacos are to die for. Not to mention, I just love the ambiance and outside patio. The best time of year to eat at Babalu is the summer when you can sit outside at night.

What TV show are you currently most obsessed with?!

It’s a little bit cheesy, but I am obsessed with The Vampire Diaries!

How do you take your caffeine?

Always and in any way possible. My favorite coffee shop is Cups! I go probably at least once a day. I either get a cappuccino, or if I’m craving something sweet, I’ll get an iced Blondie Latte with espresso ice cubes!

If you could have any one superpower, what would it be?

This is always such a hard one for me. I think I would love to fly. My favorite thing in the world is traveling, but I have such a fear of planes, even though I’ve been flying since I was 4. It would be perfect if I could fly anywhere in the world!

What’s your favorite way to spend a little free time?

Anytime I can just be outside enjoying the sunshine and running around with my dog. I also love to spend time with my best friend and her two baby boys!

What was the best part about your first day at SummerHouse?

Everyone that works here is just so sweet and welcoming! They made me feel so comfortable and like I was part of the family already. I’m excited to keep learning about design and getting to know everyone!

/ / / / /  \ \ \ \ \

Thank you for allowing us to get to know you a little better, Danielle! Looking forward to having you around! 😉

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Inside The Orange Box: Detailing A Custom Pillow


Our Inside The Orange Box topic for today is all about detailing your pillows! Pillows make such an impact, even if they aren’t the biggest, most expensive items in the room. They are of utmost importance!

Pillows are a place where designers can get a little creative with fabric and all of the fabulous trims that are available to them today!

There are so many ways to take a pillow up a few notches with simple tweaks or additions, so our designers share some of their favorite ways to do so!


SummerHouse interior designers on custom pillow detailing //

“I like an interesting contrast banding applied to a solid fabric, like this one that I’m currently having done for a client.”

SummerHouse interior designers on custom pillow detailing //

(photo source)


SummerHouse interior designers on custom pillow detailing //

“My favorite pillow detail is, hands down, a butterflied corner on a sheer flange!”


SummerHouse interior designers on custom pillow detailing //

“There are so many ways to make one pillow go a long way. One of my favorite details is to add a sheer flange. Another under-used detail is the boxed pillow. You can also reverse the fabric application or add banding… just a subtle something extra can go a long way!”

SummerHouse interior designers on custom pillow detailing //

(photo source)


SummerHouse interior designers on custom pillow detailing //

“If the design is right, railroading a fabric (or running it the opposite way from how it comes off the bolt) on a lumbar pillow or long accent pillow is a nice change up. I like to do a contrasting fabric for the backs of pillows as well! And usually I order my pillow forms one inch bigger than the actual size of the pillow to make sure they’re nice and full!”

SummerHouse interior designers on custom pillow detailing //


SummerHouse interior designers on custom pillow detailing //

“I’m a big fan of the butterfly corners, too!! I also love a custom applique. One of our local workrooms did such a beautiful job on some pillows I had made recently!”

SummerHouse interior designers on custom pillow detailing //


SummerHouse interior designers on custom pillow detailing //

“I am working on a custom pillow now that I am going to get Virginia Weathersby to custom stencil! This makes the pillow more valuable because it is a one of a kind designed specifically for the client!”


Color blocking and contrast cording…

SummerHouse interior designers on custom pillow detailing //

… Using pillows with antique passementerie applied, as so beautifully done by local artist Becky Vizard…

SummerHouse interior designers on custom pillow detailing //

… or having a custom piece of art embroidered onto a silk. The photo below is of a project Lisa completed several years ago.

“I commissioned the late artist Lynn Green Root to do an art piece for me, and I had her custom art piece embroidered onto silk for these pillows. The client kept the original pen and ink drawing that she did and he framed it for his walls. It became a really, really special project for many reasons.”

SummerHouse interior designers on custom pillow detailing //

/ / / / /

Do you have a favorite pillow in your home? What makes it special? We love hearing from you!

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Inside The Orange Box: The Importance Of Art


Inside The Orange Box this week, we’re talking all about ART and its importance in a home. We visited with Whit Geary, owner of VIEW GALLERY just a few doors down from us! We love Whit’s taste and, since she was once a SummerHouse Interior Designer, we thought she’d be the perfect person to give us a little insight into the value of art in a personal space. Let’s see what she has to say!

Inside The Orange Box // SummerHouse

“During the time I spent as an interior designer, I was able to integrate original art into most of the jobs I was doing. It was so transforming to a space that it left me with a real impression of the importance of art in a home. I’ve worked with the most beautiful fabrics, accessories, elements… Glass, iron, velvets, cottons… The whole bit… But it’s so different when a piece of art is involved in a design scheme!”

Art from View Gallery in The Township in Ridgeland, MS //

“I prefer to start with a great piece of art when designing a space because it’s one of the most valuable investments you make in your home. Typically you don’t get rid of it. You know, sofas you’ll recover, or you might change out your chairs… But art, you keep. As is.”

Art from View Gallery in The Township in Ridgeland, MS //

“Selecting a piece of art is such a great way to start a plan for your home because I think it reflects your personality the best. Your home is going to feel like you if you start that way. On the flip side, I’ve also seen really good designers completely map out a scheme for a home and come back at the end and introduce the art, which is perfectly fine as well. There is no rule about whether to start with it or finish with it!”

Art from View Gallery in The Township in Ridgeland, MS //

How do you pick the right piece of art? 

“Work with a professional* who will ask a lot of questions about your lifestyle, things you’re interested in, what your home is like, and what your needs are. Many times people come in and they have a specific space they’re looking to fill. Occassionally, I have people who are collectors and are looking for the next piece of art that captures their attention. Most of the time, though, it’s people wanting to address an empty space or add a focal point. Is their goal to have a focal point, or are they just looking for something that pleases them? Neither answer is wrong!”

(*SummerHouse designers + Whit make the BEST professional art selection team in the world! In our humble opinion… 🙂 )

Art from View Gallery in The Township in Ridgeland, MS //

“Scale is so important. So is texture. Depending on whether you have a smooth surface or a textured surface, there are certain pieces that will look better than others. Most of the time people just need a little bit of guidance, which I am happy to provide!”

 Thank you for your insight, Whit!!

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Our Newest Designer: Sunny Holliday!


SummerHouse Interior Designer Sunny HollidayMeet Sunny Holliday! Sunny is our newest Interior Designer and is absolutely a joy to be around! Her name matches her sweet and happy personality just perfectly! 🙂 We have really enjoyed getting to know this girl, and think you will too! As we do with all of our newbies, we interviewed her with some fun, designery questions!

Tell us a little about yourself! Where you’re from, where you went to school, a little about your family…
I am from the Jackson area. I attended high school at MRA. After receiving my Interior Design degree from the University of Southern MS, I moved back to Jackson for an Interior Design internship, and I have been back here ever since. I have been happily married for four years… no kids yet, but my dog, Cotton, is our baby for now 🙂 My adorable nephews are my heart!!

What is your favorite aspect of living in the Jackson area?
There are so many great aspects about living in the Jackson area! Having all of my immediate family and close friends here is definitely the best aspect. Also, attending regular community events, as well as endless shopping and dining experiences are pleasant characteristics of Jackson. I love the fact that there is usually an art show to attend, and often times a great band to be heard. It’s a big city, but a small city! I love that about Jackson. Seeing familiar faces throughout the town always makes me feel at home.

In your short time so far at SummerHouse, are there any fabric or furniture lines that you’ve just absolutely fallen in love with?!
Oh YES!! I am always drawn to beautiful fabrics and wall coverings. Here, at SummerHouse, our library has so many wonderful options for this! My favorite upholstery line is Lee Industries. I have found maximum comfort in this line, along with endless fabric and finish options. It’s a very customizable line. As far as art, Lauren Lachance is my new favorite artist right now. Stop by the showroom to see her amazing work!!

What is your favorite TV show, past or present?
Currently, Modern Family always provides a good laugh. The Today Show &/or Live with Kelly & Michael gets me going in the mornings.  Also, Girls is one of my favorite series out right now. If it’s a week day, and I’m home from 6-7pm, you will always find my TV on the news, followed by Wheel of Fortune!

What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken?
Well, I always love the beach with friends and family!! The best and most recent was a trip to NYC last October. It was just my mom & me for her birthday, and we had a blast! From fine dining to Broadway shows to touring the city and shopping, it was a very memorable and eventful trip that I will never forget!!

How would you describe your personal design style?
My personal design style is clean, modern & light. I love functional and beautiful spaces that are meaningful. From the small accessories to the main focal point of the room, I want every piece to have a purpose! As far as working with my clients, I really listen to them to see what their needs are. From there, I take my personal style, along with aesthetical and practical views, and really give them what they want!

When you are not partaking of your new favorite thing (which of course is working at SummerHouse!) what would you say are your hobbies?
Spending time with my friends and family is my “2nd job”. It’s my life! It keeps me going. Along with that, any vacationing to any beach makes me happy!

What else do we need to know about you?!
I think one of my greatest qualities is that I’m a very positive person! Rarely will you find me complaining, saying no or getting mad. I get over things pretty quickly and don’t like to be angry. So, most of the time, you will find me very cheerful and happy!!

Sunny’s name and her contagiously wonderful attitude work perfectly together! We are so glad to have this girl up here and can’t wait to see her grow as a designer! Next time you’re in the area, be sure to stop in and meet her!

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Featured on House Of Turquoise


Welcome back from the weekend, everyone! We hope you had a great one!

Despite the fact that it’s Monday, today is a great day for us because we have been featured on one of our favorite blogs, House of Turquoise!! When you have a second, be sure to check it out! We love the project they featured by designer Elizabeth Gullett and hope to make another appearance on this beautiful blog sometime again in the future!

SummerHouse featured on House of Turquoise

Thanks, Erin at H.o.T. for the lovely feature! We’re honored! And thanks to all of you for stopping by today!

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We Love The Lennoxx!

Our friend Linda over at The Lennoxx, a FABULOUS interiors blog, gave our store a really nice shout out not too long ago! She featured some pictures of our shop and gave us some very kind words. 🙂 Because of this post, we now have a new friend + client in the great state of California! So THANK YOU Linda!

You can view the full SummerHouse post here. Be sure to show The Lennoxx some love by leaving some nice comments! Here are a couple of the photos she featured:

Hey Meagan! (See her reflection in the mirror?!) Too funny!

Thanks again, Linda! Happy New Year to you and yours!

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