This weekend save up to 60%

We need room on Monday for our beautiful new merchandise from our spring market trip… so…

For 2 days only!!! Today and Saturday
Save Up to 60% off selected in stock furnishings!!!

Tell your friends!!! This is huge!!!!!!!!
Save big and help us make room!!!!!!

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“The Coolest Media Room on Earth!”

Have you seen the most recent issue of Delta Magazine?! It just hit stands last week and we are loving it! We particularly love the post entitled “The Coolest Media Room on Earth! OMG!” One of our favorite families, the Blanchard family, showed off their amazing media and exercise room.  It truly is one of the coolest we’ve ever seen! Lisa did a great job of making the space modern, yet liveable, don’t you think?

What is your favorite part about this room? We love the color, the huge Dr. Pitt sectional (by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams), the Kelly Wearstler inspired bookshelf, all the Adler, the big lacquer mirrors in the exercise area…. Really, there is nothing about this room that we don’t love!

Be sure to pick up your copy of the May/June issue of Delta at pretty much any bookstore around here! It’s a great issue!

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New from the Schu

We are completely in love with the new Au Natural collection from Schumacher! In their own words, this collection is “a combination of luxuriously quiet and surprisingly dramatic neutral patterns and textures.”  Now if THAT doesn’t scream SummerHouse, we don’t know what does!! It was hard to narrow it down to just a few, so here are more than a few of our favorites…

Ambala Paisley Fog
Shijin Silk Silver
Amboise Linen Embroidery Zinc
Arles Embroidery Greige
Ottoman Flower Moonstone
Montauban Stripe Nickel/Greige
Chinon Silk Weave
Jakarta Linen Print
Monceau Linen Embroidery Zinc
Lorient Fret Greige
Kandira Greige

After seeing all of those, we know you want to see the whole entire collection! Here you go 🙂  What pattern is your favorite? So hard to choose!

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Shop Local Social TONIGHT!

Happy Thursday! This day is finally here… We’ve been anticipating this event for so long! 🙂 Just a little recap of what’s going on this evening at SHOP LOCAL SOCIAL:

The party will be from 5:00 to 8:30 at SummerHouse.  VIP Catering and Soulshine are providing the food.  Vintage Wine Market is providing the wine.  Swag bags for our 25 VIP’s filled with goodies from our favorite local shops, but if you’re not a VIP, no worries! We’ll be giving away a REALLY good door prize! We’ll have a photo booth with photographer Byron Wilkes snapping some fun pics while DJ Young Venom is mixing some groovy tunes. Speaking of photo booth… We actually caught Brittany modeling one of the moustaches that came with our photo booth props! She is totally rocking this look, don’t you think?!

We heart Brittany and her moustache!

Anne Taylor Duease will be here with her beautiful jewelry on display for you to play with and take home with you!  Last but not least… you’ll be able to take TWENTY percent off of your purchases tonight! (with a very few exclusions…)

Here is something you can take home with you for 20% off tonight:

We can’t wait to see all of you tonight in your party gear celebrating local shopping! Cheers!

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Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Here is a picture to bring a smile to your face as you recover from all the crazy weather this morning… TGIF!

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Shop Local Social


If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably been able to sense our excitement about an upcoming event we are planning with Jackson Free Press! If you DON’T follow/like us, you need to! (Here are links to the SummerHouse Twitter and Facebook.)


SHOP LOCAL SOCIAL will take place at SummerHouse on the evening of Thursday, April 28. The whole idea behind SHOP LOCAL SOCIAL was to highlight some of our favorite local shops, artists, and eateries as well as to bring a little more awareness to SummerHouse! We love all of the local joints that really define the Jackson metro area, and we are SO excited to be partnering with JFP because they know how to throw a party! Plus they are just awesome in general.

So what can I expect at this party? So glad you asked!  We will have some delicious food, great wine, a fun photo booth (complete with really cute photographer!), a DJ who really knows how to mix some tunes, live models wearing items from Blithe and Vine, a gorgeous jewelry artist showing off her handiwork, VIP swag bags, and much more….

How can I become a VIP and get a really cool swag bag? Again, SO glad you asked!  All you have to do is “like” us on Facebook.  Between now and the 28th, we will be posting status updates to the effect of, “Be one of the first 5 to comment on this post and secure your spot as a VIP!”  Just by commenting, you will be added to our VIP list, which means you will be one of 25 lucky people to walk away with a SummerHouse bag full of awesome goodies.

We are still in the process of getting all of the details nailed down so we will keep you posted!  GET EXCITED!

Don’t forget to save the date:  Thursday, April 28th!

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A Little Rearranging

We brought over a lot of great new inventory today! Marty and the guys did a great job (as always!) in getting the floor looking better than ever! Here are a few of the highlights….

The new SASHA group from Mitchell Gold

This new Oly dining table is FINE. Gotta see this one in person!

These cute little twins want to go home with you!

Awesome new lamps from Mr. Brown

Hey little puppy!
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Happy Birthday Marty!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful business manager, Marty Smith! She does such a wonderful job around here, especially with all the hats she wears! Not only is she our business manager (which is a huge job!), but she is in charge of merchandising, holiday decorating, cupcake making (mainly during our birthday month!), singing showtunes when they come on during business hours… And so much more! There is no telling where we would be without her so she deserves the warmest birthday wishes ever!

To celebrate, we got some Sugaree’s Bakery cupcakes from Millie D’s and a gave her a gift card to JCrew–her favorite! 🙂 Thanks again for all you do, Marty!  We love you!!!!!

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SummerHouse Fiesta!

Last night, one of our owners Tim and his wife Samantha had a big SummerHouse shindig at their house to celebrate the end of a long road of sprucing up their own home for a fundraiser tour next month.  They cooked a Mexican feast for us, and pretty much all of us ate waaaay too much! They also rented a karaoke machine which was SO MUCH FUN!  Here are a few snaphots from the evening!

Stay tuned for pictures of their actual house.  There are some pretty amazing before/after posts that we promise you’ll love!! Get excited! 🙂

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Happy Spring


With Spring in full force, and with the weather at such a nice temperature, we thought we’d share a picture of a beautiful outdoor dining table– all set for lunch! Look how cute the menus are! There is so much to love about this tablescape.  What is your favorite thing about this photo?

(photo from Rue)

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You’re Invited!

Since it is our birthday month, we thought we’d do another birthday themed post! Here are some great birthday invitation ideas we found on ETSY!  We fell in love with a variety of different styles, but these are the ones that really stood out! 

From the etsy store of Sweet Pea Baby
From the etsy store of Simplicity Papers
From the etsy store of Trinity St. Studio
From the etsy store of Ink OBSESSION Designs
From the etsy store of Lil Bob Art & Design
From the etsy store of Sweet Pea Baby
From the etsy store of Gracie Girl Notes
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St. Paddy’s Favorite Cocktail

With St. Patrick’s Day quickly approaching, we wanted to share our favorite green-themed cocktail with you!  Who doesn’t love a good mint mojito?  This recipe will have others green with envy because you have the best drink in the group!  Hey, maybe if they offer you a little green, you could make one for them?!

The Mean Green Mint Mojito

Serves 1

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Anatomy of a Cupcake


In blog hopping, we found this cute poster! What is more apropriate for our birthday month than a disection of the anatomy of a cupcake!? Enjoy… 🙂

Anatomy of a Cupcake

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Feature in Portico Jackson

We are so excited to have recently been published in Portico Jackson Magazine! You may remember this room from a Behind the Scenes post we shared a few weeks ago!  We hope to get this amazing recognition added to our website soon (after we get better images, of course!) We hope you have as much fun looking at this room as we had creating it! Enjoy…

Page 1. Article by Amanda Wells. Photo by Daphne Nabors.
Page 2. Article by Amanda Wells. Photo by Daphne Nabors.
Page 3. Article by Amanda Wells. Photo by Daphne Nabors.

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How To Throw an Ice Cream Social

With it being our month birthday and all, we have had parties on the brain…  After thumbing through Rue Magazine (a million times…) we keep getting stuck on their adorable ice cream social idea! So we wanted to go with that, but with a little SummerHouse spin!

How to throw an Ice Cream Social:

1.  Make a guest list and decide on a date and location.  Be sure to give yourself enough time to get everything planned and invites sent out!  We love these fun invitations we found on etsy!  If you don’t have time to send inviations via snail mail, create a facebook event or e-vite invitation!

2.  Once invitations are sent out, start planning logistics!  You will need to get the following:  (1) decorations.  We will get to that later! (2) plenty of bowls (3) plenty of spoons (4) ice cream cones, should you risk the messiness of melting ice cream with nowhere to go (5) at least 3 flavors of ice cream.  May we suggest keeping the flavors simple so your toppings can really shine!  Also, it is a good idea to have one frozen yogurt for those watching their calorie intake (6) the best part: TOPPINGS!  Some of our favorites: dark chocolate chips… butterscotch chips… mini marshmallows… crushed candy bars… MnM’s… pecans… almonds… confetti sprinkles… crushed waffle cone… raspberries… kiwi… chopped strawberries… gummie bears… cake mix (yes, cake mix! mix in a couple of tablespoons into vanilla ice cream and BAM! you have cake batter ice cream)

The latte bowls from Anthropologie are PERFECT for an ice cream social!

3.  Decorate!  In order for your ice cream social to be photogenic, decorations are key.  When we think about ice cream socials, we think COLOR!  Have colorful bowls, fun tablecloths, funky napkins,  brightly colored banners, balloons, streamers…. the list goes on and on…

The Hollywood beverage napkins from Jonathan Adler have great colors and just the right amount of funk!

Another idea is to tell your guests to dress in bright colors.  We found this adorable dress over at Blithe and Vine that would be the perefct accent to any ice cream social! The color reminds us of orange sorbet… YUM!

From Blithe and Vine

4. Have fun and take lots of pictures!  You can’t plan a colorful event without properly documenting it! Be sure to get pictures of your setup, your adorable decor, and all of your friends! That will definitely be scrapbook-worthy.  Something to show your kids one day…. 

There are lots of different twists you could add to your own ice cream social.  We would love to hear your ideas! And if you throw an ice cream social anytime soon, you MUST take pictures and send them to us!  We want to see your creativity at work!  Now go have fun and eat lots of ice cream! 🙂

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Happy Birthday to US!

Happy birthday to us,

Happy birthday to us,

Happy birthday to SummerHouse…..

Happy birthday to us!

March is our birthday month, and this year we are turning FIVE! It is hard to believe SummerHouse has been going strong for five whole years!  It is actually older than that because Lisa had “Little SummerHouse,” as she likes to call it, in Fondren for years before moving to The Township in Ridgeland! What started out as a tiny, tiny shop with a shared resource library has grown into a beautiful showroom with a great big independent resource library! We love being out at the Township and have loved watching the steady development of the area around us. 

Enough about SummerHouse… What do YOU get out of it being our birthday?  Well, starting tomorrow (March 1), we will have markdowns on every piece of in-stock furniture and most accessories!  In addition to amazing savings, we will have homemade gourmet cupcakes every Saturday! The cupcakes alone are worth a trip… Marty makes them using her secret recipe!

We hope to see you lots during the month of March!  🙂

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