Little Things Studio: Something to Keep an Eye on!

So recently we met a really cool girl by the name of Kate Thomas. She has her own little graphics studio called Little Things Studio. She makes fabulous prints, stationery, calendars, etc. Mostly paper stuff. But we are SO EXCITED to find out that she will soon be selling FABRIC! By “soon,” we mean it is in the works but could still be a while… She’s keeping us posted! Her designs are beautiful and translate flawlessly into fabric patterns, so we’re pretty excited about hopefully soon having access to this stuff! Here are a few fabric samples. Don’t they bring a smile to your face?!

Here are a few of her other designs that are worth peeking at, too. More can be seen at Kate’s etsy shop, and on her blog! She’s one hilarious chick with a great sense of humor and an even greater sense of design! 🙂

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Meagan is ENGAGED!

Our very own Meagan Burks and her (now) fiance Ben are tying the knot!! They’ve been dating for, let’s see, forever! So it’s about time they get engaged! 🙂 We are so excited for them!

Meagan Burks

This enagement serves as another PERFECT time to remind you about our Bridal Registry called Invest in your Nest! It’s so simple and easy, every bride will find our registry to be her favorite! Click here to get over to the page that describes how the registry works. And congrats again to Meagan and Ben!!

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Introducing Taylor Collection

Taylor Collection is the newest women’s boutique in Madison, and it is a MUST visit! Not only do they have beautiful clothes, jewelry, and accessories, but their interior is pretty phenomenal as well! SummerHouse designer Meagan Burks helped store owner Leigh Jernigan in the design of the space from start to finish. The result is beautiful, and Leigh and Meagan could not be happier!

Taylor Collection is located on historic Main Street in Madison right next to Persnickety. Here a few pictures of the beautiful outcome…

When we asked Leigh to tell us a little about the space and about how she and Meagan worked together, she said, “My vision for the store was a space all about comfortable, elegance. When I first decided on this space, I was very worried about transforming it into my dream. It was older and dated, and honestly it was a challenge. When I brought Meagan in, she immediately understood my vision for the store. Since the building is older, we felt like an ultra modern look would seem odd in a more historical building. She was able to add the elegance and sophistication necessary while maintaining the building’s integrity. I could not be happier with the end result. – a side note: Michael Flesher of Tri County Homes was the contractor- he was excellent and kept the project on time!”

When we asked Meagan to tell us a little bit about the project, she said, “I had so much fun helping Leigh create Taylor Collection.  We wanted the design to play up the historic Madison building while also making the store feel fresh and new.  To do this we incorporated an antique bench and armoire along with custom made shelving and hanging racks to display the clothes.  I think the store is so chic and elegant, but everything really came together when the merchandise started coming in and filling the racks.  It is a beautiful store with really beautiful clothes!”

“I am hoping the store provides Madison with a contemporary boutique that allows both mothers and daughters to shop together. I hope to have a little something for everyone!” -Leigh

Be sure to meet Leigh when you go in. She is so much fun to talk to, and extremely helpful. Getting to know her will make you love her beautiful store even more! 🙂

As always, Rachel Kabukala did an amazing job of photographing the space. Thanks, Rachel, for the beautiful photos!! And congrats, Leigh, on your grand opening!!!

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This is Awesome

Many of you know our amazing delivery guys, Mario and Shelby. But many of you may NOT know the silly side that they let out sometimes! One of our favorite customers snapped these pictures on a recent delivery. Look how much fun they are having, and how well they are modeling the SummerHouse truck 🙂

They really seem to love those pretty lamp shades!
So cute!
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Going on NOW!

Our Special Order sale is back! Now’s the time to get 20% off of most Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams special orders! (There are a few exclusions.) Now that fall is officially upon us, that means the holidays are just around the corner! Is your home ready for holiday parties and guests? Now’s the time to make that happen!

Come in and let one of our awesome designers help you with your project!!

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The SummerHouse showroom is always changing… We sell straight off the showroom floor, we get new stuff in all the time, and we have a dozen creative personalities that always like to move things around! Since our last post about our pretty showroom, things have changed! Take a look…

Note the new Lauren Barksdale peacock painting! We LOVE it!!

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Have you seen the latest Northside Sun Magazine?

If you haven’t, please make a point to pick up a copy! We have a few at the store, but we’re running out really qickly… That’s because it is such a great issue! What makes it so great? Check out this feature on the Porter’s house! It’s a full out spread and we are so excited about it! It’s much prettier in person (and you can read it in person!)

The cover looks like this:

And the aritcle starts on page 46…

As always, Rachel Kabukala did an amazing job with the pictures! Thanks, Rachel, for all your wonderful hard work!!

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Bar Exam {the fun kind!}


Before you revert back to bad memories of law school, your husband being in law school, your friend being in law school, your sister being in law school…. Someone you know being in law school…. Let me explain! This is a FUN bar exam! We want to look over some great ideas for home bar setup, as well as what you need to have in your own home bar. Let’s start with some great examples of pretty bars, then we’ll move on to the grocery list!

Bar Exam (Image via Lonny) // SummerHouse

(Image from Lonny)

Bar Exam (Image via House Beautiful) // SummerHouse

(Image via House Beautiful)

Bar Exam (Image via Rue) // SummerHouse

(Image via Rue)

Bar Exam (Image via Lonny) // SummerHouse

(Image via Lonny)

What are some things we can learn from these photos?

1. It is good to have your home bar stocked with a variety of liquors and liqueurs.
2. Each of these beautiful bars has some interesting accessories closeby (like plants, books, heirloom looking pieces, and other unique finds.)
3.  An intersting piece of furniture or cart or tray add a lot to a bar setup.

What do I need to have in my own home bar?

After some research, we found that the home bar should include the following items:

mid to high end vodka
mid to high end whiskey or bourbon
mid to high end tequila
mid to high end rum (best to have a white and a dark)
mid to high end gin
a simple brandy

Malibu Rum
Triple Sec or Cointreau

Mixers: Tonic Water, Sparkling water, Fruit juices, Both light and dark sodas, Tomato Juice

Garnishes: Lemon, Lime, Sugar or Simple Syrup, Salt, Mint, Ice, Olives, Cherries

Wines: Light bodied red, Full bodied red, Sweet white, and Dry white.

Other important items: Wine glasses, high ball glasses, cocktail napkins, stirring spoons/straws, corkscrew, and a little black book of cocktail recipes!

Have fun getting your own home bar ready for your next party!
We’d love to see pictures, so please feel free to submit some! 🙂


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Sweet Master Suite

Check out this beautiful master bedroom/bathroom that Lisa designed for one of our favorite clients. The warm browns with the little bursts of color make this space comfortable, masculine, livable, and totally envy-worthy! 🙂 What do YOU love most about this space?

The designs on these pillows are actually from a couple Lynn Green Root paintings that Lisa commissioned specifically for this client. She then had the custom designs embroidered onto pillows.

See the paintings on the right in the picture above? Those are the aforementioned Lynn Green Root pieces!

As always, Rachel Kabukala did a great job on photographing! Check out the guest rooms and outdoor area of this same home! If you can’t tell, we’re in love with this house… 🙂

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A Beautiful Before and After

Betsy Pevey

Designer Betsy Pevey and one of her favorite clients Marsha have been working together for over a year now pulling together a new look for her home. Here’s what Betsy has to say about the project:

Marsha wanted to do a total updated  and fresh look.  The last time she had decorated was about 11 years ago.  She and I worked so great together.  She did want to keep her area rug, so we softened the palette around the colorful rug which has teal, gold, sage and salmon in it. Some of the art was re-matted and reframed.  She purchased some new art also.  My favorite piece is the hide ottoman in the center of the living room which she uses as her cocktail table.  Marsha is a wonderful client to work with.  We are currently working on guest bedrooms and an upper landing area which serves as a small den.

Here are some before photos to give you an idea of what Marsha’s space looked like before…

















Now here are the AFTER photos!

Beautiful job, Betsy! What a difference! We can’t wait to see the next phase of before and afters!

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Living in the Dark

Do you have a room in your house that needs something a little extra? May we suggest black walls… (But don’t put up any black paint before you consult a designer! Please!) A room with black walls is dramatic and full of personality, and is also a great new take on the neutral wall. Here are a few ideas of how to do black right. It’s really not as bleek as you’d think!

Thanks to LonnyMag and Rue for the great photos and ideas.

Do you have any black (or almost black) walls in your house? What color were they before? We want details!!

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Lisa’s Market Recap!

Lisa got back from Atlanta Gift Market not too long ago, and came back with lots of pictures and lots of excitement! She’s gonna tell us a little about her trip… 🙂

July market is always exciting for me. I take my sister and sister in law to peruse the showrooms and we stay with my brother who lives in Atlanta and make it a reunion!

My first stop is always the temporaries and my first stop there was with my fave vendor Karen of Tourmaline. Her pillows are beautiful and I love that she uses natural materials like linen with ruffled details and embroidery. I’ve been buying from Karen for years so we usually spend way too long catching up!

Lisa and Karen

I am thrilled that I found some new lines this market. One of the new lines I found is Lostine. Awesome vintage pieces such as these great glass standing containers. I see them on a desk filled with rubber bands or large clips.


They had unique shaped bottles which look so good in clusters on a breakfast room table.


I also found these metal flower models that are whimsical and artsy.


I’m always drawn to fresh and unique designs and Ro Sham Beaux was one of those. Beautiful lighting!! OMG! Unusual shapes and materials on lamps chandeliers and pendants! Check out the Ananas on her website I can’t wait for my shipment to arrive!

Lisa at Ro Sham Beaux!

Because we are girlie girls and sell jewelry at the SH, and what girl doesn’t love jewelry, I had to make a stop at the Mark Edge booth. I LOVE him by the way. He is such a talented artist and his eco vintage line is to die for!!

Lisa and Mark Edge

New to Atlanta gift mart but not new to me is Lowcountry Originals. They are based in South Carolina and hand make all of their lighting and accessories using oyster shells and marsh reeds for example.

I put one of their pendants in a clients foyer. Gorgeous!!  They will custom any of their pieces which I love because I can never just buy off rack!

Low Country Originals
Lisa at Low Country
More Low Country Beauty
Low Country Gorgeousness....

In the JDouglas showroom I was introduced to the newest member of the showrooms team, Ooomph. Yes, odd name but such great tables in great shapes and colors.  LOVE THEM and can’t wait for my shipment!


I bought much from the Noir showroom as I always do… chests, a beautiful tall secretary with great scale and a grand buffet!


Before I went home my family and I make a pilgrimage to Taqueria del Sol. The best fish tacos in the world!!

Taqueria Del Sol... Mmmmm mmm!!

Next to the restaurant is the new Jonathan Adler flagship store. I was in mid century heaven!

I’ve been a fan of this adorable jewish potter for years and of course, here at SummerHouse, we feature tons of his wares! I got some great merchandising ideas and lusted after his new line of bedding.

Jonathan Adler bedding!
Happy Chic at its BEST!
Mr. Adler, you're a genius...

After that I was off to Jtown where I will wait on my new orders to arrive. It was happy shopping in Atlanta!!

Thanks, Lisa!!! We feel like we were right there with you! 🙂 Can’t wait to see all the new goods!!

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Outdoor Living

Happy Monday to you! Since it’s a little dreary in the metro area this morning, maybe this post will help combat the blues that today seems to be trying to give us. This beautiful outdoor living space inspires us every time we see it. The bright colors used in the accents, the painted brick wall, the Brown Jordan furniture, the outdoor shower, the beautiful plants… We love pretty much everything!

We hope you’re having a wonderful summer!

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Inside Voices, please!

We found this over at Etsy and thought it was so appropriate for us! If you’ve ever been upstairs at SummerHouse for a presentation, you may have seen the little signs we have posted that say “Use your inside voice please!”  Sometimes, with a bunch of women, things tend to get a little loud… This poster has our name all over it! 🙂

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Emily’s Last Day :(

Today is a sad day for us. It is our wonderful Intern Emily’s last day!! How did that time fly by so quickly? It seems like she just got here like 2 weeks ago… Emily, you did a great job and we all love you so much! Best of luck out in the real world, and stay in touch! XOXOXO!

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Be My Guest

Remember the beautiful home we showed you pictures of on Friday? (It is the blog post right before this one.) Well, here is the upstairs guest area of the house. It is fun, bright, colorful, and best of all, designed by Lisa Palmer!

This particular client fell in love with the bright green velvet of the Earl Chair, so the room was designed around that chair, as well as the items that this client already had. The bedding is by the oh-so-fabulous Ann Gish.

From one side of the jack-and-jill bathroom to the other… The art, the paint colors, and the beautiful tile countertops make these bathrooms very happy and welcoming!

If this room doesn’t make you happy then… Well…. It should!

We will have more from this beautiful home later this week. Rachel Kabukala took so many fabulous photos that it’s impossible to get them all into just one or two posts! Stay tuned!

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Let’s Celebrate Friday with New Photos!

Remember the behind the scenes pictures we posted earlier this week of Rachel Kabukala in action at our Eastbrooke client’s home? (You can see them here if you missed them.) Anyway, here are our favorite photos of this condo’s living room… We’ll show you more rooms next week! This is just a little teaser to get your weekend started off right! Enjoy!

If these pictures don’t make you happy, then…. We need to talk! Have a great, safe weekend and we’ll see you back next week!

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Interview with Emily the Intern

Emily Cunningham

If you have not had the pleasure of meeting our summer intern Emily Cunningham, you are missing out! Emily studied Interior Design at Mississippi State and graduates at the end of the summer. She has been such a joy to have around the store, and we have all completely fallen in love with her! Her sense of humor and sweet spirit make her a joy to be around. Here’s a little Q&A with her so you can get to know her just a little better…

SummerHouse: What is your favorite thing about working at SummerHouse?
Emily: My favorite thing about working at SummerHouse is all the amazing people I get to be around every day! Everyone here is so much fun to be around, there isn’t a dull moment!

What is one of the funniest things you’ve witnessed or been a part of since you’ve been at SummerHouse?
I would definitely say that seeing KC’s random dance moves and hearing her personal version of whatever song is playing makes me laugh every day.

If anyone were to make a movie about Lisa Palmer, who do you think would be a good person to play her in the movie? Why?
I would have to say Zooey Deschanel, mostly known from the movies Elf and Failure to Launch. She usually plays characters with witty personalities, and she has a beautiful voice!

What’s a typical lunch for you during your work day? :)
A typical lunch for me is a turkey sandwich and chips. Recently, it has been Millie D’s with cookie dough balls and M & M’S. I think I am addicted…

What is your favorite way to spend a weekend these days?
My weekends are usually spent on a jet ski at the Tombigbee river, or visiting my friends and family!

Anything else you want us to know? :)
I am SO glad that my internship was at SummerHouse! I am very lucky to have had this opportunity as my first experience in the design world!

Thanks Emily for all your hard work! Glad we have you around a little bit longer! 🙂

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Behind the Scenes: Eastbrooke Photo Shoot

Y’all have seen this house before. It is our most dramatic Before and Afters to date (which you can see here) and the customer holds an extra special place in our hearts! Rachel Kabukala, who has sort of become our house photographer!, was over there taking pictures the other day. We can’t wait to show you the finished products! Until that time, here are a few behind the scenes shots…

This house is so beautiful, and the colors make it so photogenic! We’ll post the finished pictures as soon as we can! Have a fabulous Wednesday!

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