Inside Voices, please!

We found this over at Etsy and thought it was so appropriate for us! If you’ve ever been upstairs at SummerHouse for a presentation, you may have seen the little signs we have posted that say “Use your inside voice please!”  Sometimes, with a bunch of women, things tend to get a little loud… This poster has our name all over it! 🙂

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Emily’s Last Day :(

Today is a sad day for us. It is our wonderful Intern Emily’s last day!! How did that time fly by so quickly? It seems like she just got here like 2 weeks ago… Emily, you did a great job and we all love you so much! Best of luck out in the real world, and stay in touch! XOXOXO!

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Be My Guest

Remember the beautiful home we showed you pictures of on Friday? (It is the blog post right before this one.) Well, here is the upstairs guest area of the house. It is fun, bright, colorful, and best of all, designed by Lisa Palmer!

This particular client fell in love with the bright green velvet of the Earl Chair, so the room was designed around that chair, as well as the items that this client already had. The bedding is by the oh-so-fabulous Ann Gish.

From one side of the jack-and-jill bathroom to the other… The art, the paint colors, and the beautiful tile countertops make these bathrooms very happy and welcoming!

If this room doesn’t make you happy then… Well…. It should!

We will have more from this beautiful home later this week. Rachel Kabukala took so many fabulous photos that it’s impossible to get them all into just one or two posts! Stay tuned!

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Let’s Celebrate Friday with New Photos!

Remember the behind the scenes pictures we posted earlier this week of Rachel Kabukala in action at our Eastbrooke client’s home? (You can see them here if you missed them.) Anyway, here are our favorite photos of this condo’s living room… We’ll show you more rooms next week! This is just a little teaser to get your weekend started off right! Enjoy!

If these pictures don’t make you happy, then…. We need to talk! Have a great, safe weekend and we’ll see you back next week!

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Interview with Emily the Intern

Emily Cunningham

If you have not had the pleasure of meeting our summer intern Emily Cunningham, you are missing out! Emily studied Interior Design at Mississippi State and graduates at the end of the summer. She has been such a joy to have around the store, and we have all completely fallen in love with her! Her sense of humor and sweet spirit make her a joy to be around. Here’s a little Q&A with her so you can get to know her just a little better…

SummerHouse: What is your favorite thing about working at SummerHouse?
Emily: My favorite thing about working at SummerHouse is all the amazing people I get to be around every day! Everyone here is so much fun to be around, there isn’t a dull moment!

What is one of the funniest things you’ve witnessed or been a part of since you’ve been at SummerHouse?
I would definitely say that seeing KC’s random dance moves and hearing her personal version of whatever song is playing makes me laugh every day.

If anyone were to make a movie about Lisa Palmer, who do you think would be a good person to play her in the movie? Why?
I would have to say Zooey Deschanel, mostly known from the movies Elf and Failure to Launch. She usually plays characters with witty personalities, and she has a beautiful voice!

What’s a typical lunch for you during your work day? :)
A typical lunch for me is a turkey sandwich and chips. Recently, it has been Millie D’s with cookie dough balls and M & M’S. I think I am addicted…

What is your favorite way to spend a weekend these days?
My weekends are usually spent on a jet ski at the Tombigbee river, or visiting my friends and family!

Anything else you want us to know? :)
I am SO glad that my internship was at SummerHouse! I am very lucky to have had this opportunity as my first experience in the design world!

Thanks Emily for all your hard work! Glad we have you around a little bit longer! 🙂

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Behind the Scenes: Eastbrooke Photo Shoot

Y’all have seen this house before. It is our most dramatic Before and Afters to date (which you can see here) and the customer holds an extra special place in our hearts! Rachel Kabukala, who has sort of become our house photographer!, was over there taking pictures the other day. We can’t wait to show you the finished products! Until that time, here are a few behind the scenes shots…

This house is so beautiful, and the colors make it so photogenic! We’ll post the finished pictures as soon as we can! Have a fabulous Wednesday!

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Summer Sale!

GET EXCITED! Our Summer Sale is going on now! Up to 40% off of TONS of things in our beautiful showroom! Come in today, buy it today, take it home today! (Or have it delivered in the next few days!) We’ve got some incredible deals that you need to come in and see with your own eyes… Us telling you about these deals is not good enough!

summer sale

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SummerHouse STEAL #1

The SummerHouse STEAL is new! The STEAL is an item that we have had for too long, or that we just have too many of! Our current STEAL is the chair pictured below. Here’s what you need to know about this chair:
-This roomy and comfy slipcovered club chair is from Best Slipcover Co.
-It is constructed by hand right here in the USA using kiln dried Alder wood.

-The cushions are 50% Cluster fill with 45% duck feathers and 5% down to give it cozy comfort.
-It is completely upholstered in muslin with a washable slipcover print in caramel and white. Beautiful turned legs with casters in a walnut finish.
-Dimensions: 35″h x 34″w x 44″d

We have two of these chairs available. Originally priced at $2110 EACH, the STEAL price is $850.00 each, or $1500.00 for the pair. Talk about a deal!!!! Call 601-853-4445 for info or for purchasing!

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High Gloss {July|August} is Live!

I think all of you know by now what suckers we are for a good online magazine. Today, the new High Gloss went live! High Gloss is not all interior like Rue and Lonny are, but they did get some GREAT interiors into this issue. The theme of this issue is L.A., so what you’re about to see is a peek into L.A. residential and commercial design. Pretty fabulous…

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Meet Todd!

Todd Prather
Todd Prather

We have a new member of the SummerHouse team that y’all need to be introduced to! His name is Todd Prather and he is the new SummerHouse Distribution Manager. Here is a little Q&A with Todd…

SummerHouse: Where are you from?
Todd: I was born and raised in Jackson though my wife and I call Clinton home.  We’ve lived there since before we were married (soon be 17 years) and we love the town.

SummerHouse: What is the funniest thing that has happened at the warehouse since you took over?
Todd: I guess that would have to be when a warehouse mate had a table refinished and the technician didn’t set up his ventilation properly.  The overhead roof fans drew the dust all over the whole facility.  We’re still cleaning up from that one.

SummerHouse: What is your favorite place in Jackson to eat and why?
Todd: There are a lot of places that we love to go to.  We really love the lesser known, out of the way places, but for places others would know…For steak, Shapley’s.  Seafood? Probably AJ’s.  We love Char too, but we also try to find the odd places for the more diverse items from time to time.

SummerHouse: What is something funny/different about you that we might not guess?
Todd: I have traveled a lot.  Been pretty much coast to coast in the US and lived in the Netherlands for about 8 months while in college.  I traveled and worked in eight different countries while there and taught at the American School of the Hague also.

SummerHouse: If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
Todd: My favorite super hero as a kid was always Wolverine.  Never gets old, heals quick and adamantium claws and skeleton.  Wow, really shouldn’t know that much but I can always blame it on the kids.

SummerHouse: Anything else you want to tell us?!
Todd: I have two great kids, Noah who’s 9 and Bailey who’s 6 and a tremendously talented wife who is a master cake baker.

Now that you know Todd, don’t you love him? We do! Thanks, Todd, for being a good sport and answering these questions! 🙂

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SummerHouse in the Sunshine State


Elizabeth Gullett

SummerHouse designer Elizabeth Gullett recently finished a project in Santa Rosa, Florida that we are all in love with! See what Elizabeth has to say about the challenges that the project presented and how she overcame those challenges. And check out these gorgeous photos!

I must say that this Santa Rosa Beach, Florida carriage house has been one of my most favorite projects yet. Not only was the location divine -with its ocean views, private pool and private beach access- but the client and I shared a unity of vision that made this project go incredibly smoothly! Right off the bat, Kay and I knew we were going to work great together. She’s as enthusiastic as I am, and there was so much to be excited about!


The Challenge: 1) To create a relaxing environment that was livable, fresh, and interesting, while easily accommodating guests ranging from grand-kids to business associates. One of the main issues we had to consider was the fact that this would be where Kay’s kids and grandkids stayed when they came to visit. So everything needed to be super durable, easy to clean, and all around super family friendly, with as much sleeping room as possible. 2) The carriage house needed to have a “chic” element about it as well, because (very fortunate) business associates and clients would be staying here occasionally. 3) The furnishings should direct attention outside toward the amazing views, and not steal it from them. 4) The carriage house should also flow smoothly from the main house (they are attached), and yet stand on it’s own two design feet.

The Solution: 1) This was accomplished with heavy duty fabric on a sleeper sofa, cleanable slipcovers on the chairs, and a darker wool rug downstairs. Wool is naturally stain-resistant, and the darker color makes it even more kid-friendly. The bar stools are made of a heavy-duty grey washed rattan – just wipe them clean!  2) A variety of carefully mixed finishes and washes brings an eclectic, yet sophisticated flair to the different case pieces in the house. The accessories-from classic, thick coffee table books to white coral on acrylic bases-add another layer of chic. The furniture is more rustic, while the accessories are more classic and elegant. 3) Furniture was arranged with each spectacular view as the focal point; every seat gets a good sightline to the ocean! 4)  I chose a palette of crisp white, soothing greens and fresh blues- a classic beach palette, done in a slightly unexpected, dressier way. The blue was pulled from the main house, bringing a sense of cohesiveness.

“Not only was the location divine -with its ocean views, private pool and private beach access- but the client and I shared a unity of vision that made this project go incredibly smoothly!”

“A variety of carefully mixed finishes and washes brings an eclectic, yet sophisticated flair to the different case pieces in the house.”

The words we both kept using to describe the feeling we wanted for the house was “Non-beachy, beachy.” Sounds silly, but it fit. Clean, relaxed, sophisticated, and fresh, but with no wicker or “coastal” furniture to be found anywhere…a “different” type of beach house. Kay pretty much gave me free rein in the fabric and furnishing selection, and after the initial presentation didn’t change a thing. It was so affirming that she not only loved, but trusted, the entire vision!

Like I said, one of my most favorite projects yet. 🙂


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The Manhattan Niche of Ann Gish


Ann Gish recently sent Lisa an email with pictures of her new Manhattan showroom. Ann said this project was a MAJOR undertaking, but is so happy with how it all turned out! The 4,000 square foot showroom displays Ann’s beautiful bedding as well as her bright and happy personality!


Gorgeous, right? We love selling Ann Gish because her product is always so beautiful and high quality. Come in and see us if you’re interested in sprucing up a bedroom!

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Nifty Gifties for your Dad


Several of us up here have adopted a manly trait this week and waited until the last minute to buy a gift for a big occasion. If you, like several of us, do  not have a gift to give your dad on Sunday, look no further! SummerHouse to the rescue! Here are a few things we have that will make dad happy…

The better for your father to see you with…
For those whose fathers are “jacks of all trades, master of none”
A cool wooden bowl for your father to throw all his junk in (to keep your mom off his back)
This book has up close pictures of celebs, so your dad can see that Kevin Costner really does have a lot of wrinkles. It will make him feel better about getting old.
Dads always need a nice bar set so they can show off to their friends…
Round boxes for your dad to store round things (like coins!)
Not for the clumsy dad… We don’t want anyone going to the hospital for accidentally stapling something that should not have been stapled.
Your dad wants a picture of you in a really nice frame (I promise! He told me so…)
These will look good sitting on your father’s desk. They may serve as an intimidation tool when he meets with the first guy who wants to ask his daughter on a date… Teenage boys, beware!
If your dad buys Taaka to save a few bucks, get him one of these. These will magically make Taaka look like Grey Goose.
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The Beauty of Black and White

Black and white is quite possibly the most timeless color combo of all time. In middle school art class, many of us learned that black is the absence of all color, and white is the presence of all color. They always say “opposites attract,” so that must be why this combination has so perfectly stood the test of time! Here are some rooms featuring the two tones that we find so captivating… Take a peek.

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It’s Friday, Baby!

Happy Friday! To make the best day of the week even better, here is a little lavendar eye candy for you… Lisa and Elish are working on a nursery for one of our favorite customers! Isn’t all of this stuff just DELICIOUS? The mix of purples, with a little dash of bling make this little girl’s future room one that ANY girl would love! We can’t wait to show you pictures when this room is complete! 🙂

Yep. Gorgeous!
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A Summer Soiree, SummerHouse style!

As many of you know, we love Rue Magazine. Everything they put in their magaizne is brilliant. It may not be our style, but brilliant, nonetheless. In the most recent issue, we were taken with the Sunset Soiree! Here’s our take on a similar party, with local resources so you can get all you need right here in the Jackson area! 🙂

Here’s the party that has us so inspired…

…And here are our picks as to where in the area you can get the goodies to make this party happen!


May we recommend enlisting the services of Cultigraphic Creative, a graphic design group started by a couple of native Jacksonians. They can do whatever you want! Here is a sample of their creative handiwork:


We have a lot of beautiful, whimsy votives that would be perfect to scatter amongst flowers on your table. These from Roost, for example, are an all-time favorite amongst the SummerHouse girls!

Roost knows best! 🙂

Speaking of flowers… We are in love with Tulip Floral, located in the Duling School building over in Fondren. Here’s a small sample of the amazing stuff that Lesley can do!

Tulip Floral


What is a Southern summer party without petit fours? We happen to love what Primo’s has to offer in the petit four arena. They do them up right!

Adorable, summery petit fours are a MUST!

Champagne is another necessity at a summer party. Enjoyed by itself, or mixed with a fruit juice, chilled champagne makes any fun party just a teeny bit MORE fun!  Calistoga Wine and Spirits, next door to SummerHouse, carries the Sophia Coppola one (complete with pink wrapper!)

Everyday Gourmet (also located just a couple of doors down from us!) has these beautiful, non-traditional Riedel champagne glasses available. How adorable are these?!

Riedel Champagne flutes available at Everyday Gourmet

Now that we have invitations, decor, food and drinks nailed down, there is just one thing left we’d like to suggest! That would be…


This little beauty comes from Anthropologie. And it is called the Junebug dress… This is perfect for any hostess to wear. It would flatter any body type and it totally fits the theme of the party!

The Junebug Dress

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The Bobo Show

Jonathan Adler has a new collection of pillows. The Bobo collection. And we are in love!! These new pillows are different from what we’re used to with Adler. In contrast to his heavy needlepoint pillows (which we are major fans of,) these new Bobo pillows are hand-blocked linen! As the founder of “happy chic,” Mr. Adler has made us extremely happy with these new introductions! Which ones do you like best!? It’s a tough decision…

Bobo Medallion Pillow, Camel and Brown
Bobo Grill Pillow
Bobo Concentric Circles
Bobo Diamonds Pillow
Bobo Vertebrae Pillow
Bobo Medallion Pillow, Pink, Orange and Brown
Bobo Plume Pillow, Camel and Brown
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