Inside The Orange Box: What I Didn’t Learn In Design School

We started a column last year called What I Didn’t Learn In Design School where designers, after working professionally as a designer in the field, share what they’ve had to learn in the “real” design world that school may not have taught them!

Today one of our newest designers, Camille Holland Parker, shares what she has learned in the field that she didn’t necessarily learn in school!

What SummerHouse Interior Designers didn't learn in design school //

“In design school they teach about what all it takes to design a space, and about the professionals that you will be working alongside to help you in any areas you aren’t familiar with, like flooring, tile and hard surfaces, and certain types of furniture. As the “newbie”/student, you’re quite intimidated by the professionals that you’ve not yet made relationships with, but as a professional interior designer I’ve come to rely on my fellow professionals and I am not intimidated to call them with questions and inquiries. It is a team effort to get the work done and the space designed, so I wish I had had more confidence in contacting other professionals in the industry early on. Communication has proven to be as key in our industry as in any other. It takes a village for a great design to formulate!”

Good stuff, Camille! Communication and working with others really is SO important!

Thank you for dropping by today — we appreciate it so much! Have a great weekend!

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