Today’s Web Store Wish List is au naturale! We are celebrating the beauty of nature with simple finishes, plant and animal inspired accessories, and other items that inspire a love for the great outdoors.

Shop this look below!

Natural love //

Clockwise from top left:

Bark Candles // $9
Beatrix Cabinet // $2340
Gracious Rooms by Barbara Westbrook // $50
Square Moss // $370
Garcia Chair // $1000
Succulents in Stone Bed // $180
Buff Cowhide Pillow // $500

Shop more new arrivals to our web store right here!

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Web Store Wish List: Happy Home Scents

We hope you guys are having a great week!

Today our web store wish list is all about happy home scents! Now that holiday decorations (including candles!) are mostly up and packed away, the post holiday blues might be starting to set in. These candles are here to combat that! Add some freshness to your home with these happy smells! These are some of our absolute favorites!

Happy Home Scents //

1 // Pool House: French Lilac // $59
2 // Essence of Florets Rare Botanic Candle // $50
3 // Pulp Candle // $56
4 // Game Room: Blue Bamboo // $59
5 // Carriage House: Magnolia Cypress // $59
6 // Gilded Leaves Rare Botanic Candle // $50
7 // Office: Rosemary Eucalyptus // $59
8 // Media Room: Spike Lavender // $59

 Shop more of our home scents online, or shop all of them in-store! 🙂

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TSG’s August Loves


Thank you, The Scout Guide Jackson, for including SummerHouse in your August Loves! We are as in love with the new India Hicks book as y’all are! And we see several other things here that we’d love to add to our August as well! 😉

The Scout Guide Jackson's August Loves // via

The Scout Guide Jackson's August Loves // via

Get your copy here! We’re confident that you’ll find it to be a great read! 🙂

While you’re at it, check out our fabulous selection of other coffee table books, too!

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Web Store Wish List: PILLOWS!


Pillows, anyone? We love softening up from time to time, and what better way to do that than with some fabulous pillows? We’ve gotten a lot of new ones in lately that we’ve been dying to share, so that’s why they’re this week’s Web Store Wish List! Our pillow picks of the week!

SummerHouse Web Store Wish List: PILLOWS //

1. Persimmon Lumbar // $100
2. Savage Beauty Cross Pillow // $410
3. Tadaifaux Pillow // $140
4. Steps Pillow // $700
5. Gold Zebra Pillow // $510
6. Ogee Pillow // $120
7. Ghandi Grey/Blue Pillow // $140
8. Antique Rug Pillow // $270
9. Rug Pillow // $270
10. Geometric Hide Pillow // $380
11. Savage Beauty Stripe Pillow // $410

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Designers We Love: Bobby McAlpine


Today, we wanted to highlight a designer of whose style we are in constant admiration! Designer Bobby McAlpine’s books have been described by members of our staff as design Bibles. And more than once have pages been opened to certain pictures in his books when presentations are given. His work is just SO inspirational!!

The Home Within Us

The Home Within Us by Bobby McAlpine // available at

Art of the House

Art of the House // available at

And his furniture designs for Lee Industries are PERFECTION! Classic yet very distinctive…

Bobby McAlpine for Lee Industries //

Bobby McAlpine for Lee Industries //

Bobby McAlpine for Lee Industries //

Oh, Bobby, how do you do it?! We love your style so much!

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Winner, Winner!


We’ve had two big winners as of late, so we thought we’d continue celebrating with them on their big victories with a quick blog post!

The winner of our Like, Share, Win contest was super excited about the SummerHouse happy basket she got to take home! And all for just sharing her favorite item in our webstore! 🙂 Congrats, Tina! Way to go!

LSW insta

Our other winner, Kim, got to take home a Lee Industries chair because of her victory in the #LOVELEECHAIR Instagram contest! Her photo got 1300 likes! (Impressive!)

We love the chair she got!

#loveleechair winner

Lee Chair // SummerHouse, Ridgeland, MS

Congrats again to Tina and Kim! We’re so excited for both of you and hope you enjoy your prizes! 🙂

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Shop This Look!


Do you love that SummerHouse style but are not able to shop our showroom in person?

Well, you are now in luck! Now that our WEB STORE is in full swing, you’re able to shop much of our inventory online and have it shipped right to you! (What did we do before we had the internet/online shopping? Seriously!)

Here’s one look you can shop from anywhere!

Shop this look at

Emory Sofa // Equation Print // Turkish Delight Pillow // Bala Pillow

Shop this look at

Tremont Chair

See something else you like that isn’t available on the web store yet? No worries! Anna, our amaaaazing web store manager, is uploading new product regularly so chances are, the item you love will be available in a short amount of time! In the meantime though, feel free to give us a call to inquire about that item! We are always happy to assist!

Shop more of SummerHouse HERE by clicking on the Shop tab! We hope you love what you find!

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